Remembering my Grandparents on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a memorial day set to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. On this very day in 1945, Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. My grandparents were both Holocaust survivors and my grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor. Here she is pictured below after the war with my new born mom. "The Number on Her Arm" was written in honor of my grandmother and it shows her incredible spirit, zest for life, and passion for family. Despite the horrors she endured, she lived her life without resentment and bitterness and she lived her life for her family, my grandfather was exactly the same way. While my grandparents are sadly no longer with me, today and everyday I think of how amazing it is that they survived the horrors they endured while in concentration camps. I also think of the many family members they had that I would never know who unfortunately were not so lucky. Please take a moment today to think of the victims and the survivors, like my grandparents. Also consider telling their stories so that their experiences and memories can live on forever. #neverforget