DIY Courtesy of "The Number on Her Arm"

Happy weekend everyone!

Things have been coming along really well for The Number on Her Arm since I introduced it to social media only about a month ago. While self-publishing is great in that I have total control over the process of coming out with my book, I'd be lying if I didn't mention that it also invokes some vulnerability. Since I am promoting my book without the help of an agent or publishing company, the marketing and outreach work is left solely to me. I have to trust in the powers of social media as well as the people I meet along the way to help spread the word. I have to represent myself so that organizations, bookstores, etc. will want me to share my book and in turn tell my grandmother's story.

Yet, with all the insecurities this process can bring to the surface, so far I've been blown away by the positive response The Number on Her Arm has already received (and the printed copies have not even come out yet)! Through family, friends, and the kindness of interested strangers, somehow our Facebook page already has 570 "likes" (maybe you can help me get to 600??)! We are starting to have a slow and steady Twitter presence and I've been making incredible connections with many local organizations in the Washington, D.C area. I can't wait to fill you in on more in the coming weeks. I am especially looking forward to telling you when that large box of printed book copies comes knocking at my door!